May 20, 2019

The agreement about the pilot project in Nigeria

Oseberg Oil & Gas Limited and HORIS, Ltd have achieved agreement to perform pilot installation of GasNet fuel management system at Austoma filling station, Abuja, Nigeria.

When preparing for installation, the first step is to gather the detailed info on equipment that is already deployed at station. This step is crucially important, because this information will be essential for configuring GasKit Control Center, i.e. defining which software should be installed and which devices are to be included (if there are many pumps, for example, additional serial port servers may be included).

In this case, the station had pumps we had never dealt with before.

Fortunately, GasKit application is designed so that it can be easily modified in order to become compatible with any new equipment. And our specialists can swiftly develop and tailor new protocol. In order to perform protocol testing properly, we needed test electronic set that is usually provided by pump manufacturer. In this case, we had to deal with pumps manufactured by EagleStar.

EagleStar kindly sent us the test electronic set in the shortest possible time and provided informational support & assistance.