Head office system designed for management of fuel station network

Collecting complete and detailed data from all fuel stations, GasNet Office provides comprehensive and up-to-date reports, which allows to perform effective business planning, reduce expenses and implement target-oriented optimizations.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud infrastructure is used for its deployment.

GasNet Office includes the following web-applications:

  • GasNet Fuel
  • GasNet Cards
  • GasNet Goods
  • GasNet Coupons
  • GasNet Tickets

GasNet Fuel

GasNet Fuel - web-application intended for fuel inventory recording and management within fuel station network.
The application collects fuel transaction data from all stations offering a wide range of up-to-date reports and thorough analytics.

GasNet Fuel allows:

  • to monitor and control fuel sales
  • to schedule fuel stores supply
  • to perform remote control and arrangement of conflict situations with customers
  • to reveal fraud
  • to perform remote diagnostics of equipment using the indirect data

GasNet Cards

GasNet Cards - is non-cash payment and loyalty system intended for online authorization of fuel- and discount cards.
GasNet Cards offers a cutting edge service for transport companies providing them with access to the personal accounts containing relevant reports for each company.

GasNet Goods

GasNet Goods - web-application intended for goods inventory recording and management within fuel station network.
Providing access to general database GN Goods allows

  • to manage trade documents
  • to receive daily reports
  • to schedule goods stores supply
  • to perform trading activity analysis for each fuel station, as well as for the whole fuel station network

GasNet Coupons

GasNet Coupons - coupon recording and management system. Enabling the online authorization of the coupons, the system allows to arrange services for transport companies.

GasNet Tickets

GasNet Tickets - ticket processing system designed for fuel station networks. The system allows to automate scheduling of service works at fuel station and to coordinate these activities with the service companies.