Apr 18, 2019

Adaptation of GasKit and GasNet Fuel systems for Nigerian market is done

Unlike most other countries, filling stations in Nigeria are still having pump attendants on each pump. This means that fuel management systems should have special mode for Nigeria. This mode has been implemented in GasNet family of products!

We have designed and created an automatic controller that is intended to functionally substitute pump attendant. When fuel nozzle is in use, this controller automatically sends command to start fuelling.

Besides, taking into account Nigerian local specifics (hot weather and often power blackouts, first of all), we have developed GasKit Control Center. This unit is designed to be mounted to wall, and contains all necessary equipment (UPS controller, Industrial PC, Interface Converters, etc).
When installing, all you have to do is to run wires from pumps and ATGs, and connect them to GasKit Control Center properly.

We are ready for the first installations!